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RBTS.co: The Robots CompanyRBTS.co: 机器人公司RBTS.co: Die RoboterfirmaRBTS.co: La Empresa de RobotsRBTS.co: RobottiyhtiöRBTS.co: The Robots Company

We solve your business problems using technology. Our team in Helsinki, Finland combines mechanical engineering, electronics design and software architecture to turn your business challenge into your competitive advantage.

What We Do

We design products, machines and robots. We use those robots to automate business operations. Our robots improve working conditions for employees by taking care of the most dangerous and repetitive parts. For business owners our robots reduce risks and costs.

Our robots, control systems and firmware are designed in-house, combining the best solutions on the market with decades of hands-on experience.

Our expertise covers electronics, mechanical and software engineering. Besides robotics we also design, prototype and build a wide range of unrelated products: From consumer devices to machinery to (AI) business automation software.

In the Blog博客BlogBlogBlogiBlog section you'll find more examples of our work. The Clients客户KlientelClientesAsiakkaatCliënten section lists some notable involvements and interesting achievements.

Your Business

We can help your company reduce costs and risks. We can design or improve your products. If you would like to know how, please contact us at info@rbts.co now.

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Ranging from start-ups to multinational corporations - our clients expect tomorrow’s business to be automated and driven by data.