Local service as backend for a public server

Running a local -for example on a PC behind NAT- TCP or UNIX-domain socket service as backend for NGINX on a public web server. This forwards the local socket using reverse SSH.

Base command-line:

ssh -nNT -R {port_on_server}:localhost:{port_of_backend} {user}@{server}
Item Description Examples
-n Prevent reading from stdin
-N Do not execute a remote command
-T Do not allocate a TTY (terminal)
-R Establish a reverse connection
{port_on_server} TCP or UNIX domain socket. Needs special permissions for TCP ports 1024 and under 8080 /tmp/my_service.sock
localhost Make a connection locally
{port_of_backend} Port the local service is listening on 3333
{user} SSH user name sshuser
{server} Server IP or host name example.com