Robotic Stone Saw Installation

CRH Stone Saw InstallationRobotic, fully automated, stone cutting installation for creating prefab cut-to-size basalt chunks and sand-lime blocks for prefabricated construction elements.

The installation

In the above video you can see the installation in action in one of the two CRH factories using them.


The extreme working environment posed an interesting challenge: How to deal with the strong vibrations, water jets and abrasive dust? Using a combination of simulation and experience a custom saw blade spindle was designed, significantly improving rigidness (reducing vibration) and sealing (by enclosing the drive belt). The linear guides were designed to operate completely sealed, even to directed water jets.


The two machines and installation around it were delivered within budget and on time. Downtime for service was reduced from monthly to a single scheduled service job per year. The new installation reduced supervision from two full-time operators to one production-line wide supervisor. This installation was later duplicated at other production locations.