We provide individually tailored solutions for every client through clear value-driven focus and delivering innovative, cost effective tools.


Over the years our team has designed and built fully functioning robots, automated production machinery, hand-held tools, consumer products and a wide range of mechanical and electronic robotics components.


We design and build production ready robot prototypes, specialty one-off designs and can provide any service related to designing autonomous robots.

Combining Machine Learning with electronics and mechanical engineering we've build robots to, for example:

  • Replace conventional production machinery to allow greater flexibility in product properties
  • Autonomously maintain solar panels in locations were human access is dangerous or expensive
  • Clean skyscraper windows more efficiently and safely


C and C++ embedded firmware, big-data analysis tools, Neural Networks, Machine Learning systems, business logic tools, C# Computer Aided Manufacturing tools and Node.JS & Python web-interfaces.

Used in SaaS, Robotics, High Tech and Manufacturing industries.

Machine Learning

ML opens up a new world of possibilities, data can be understood and used like never before. We use Neural Networking, Natural Language Processing, Genetic Algorithms and custom intelligent systems to achieve a wide range of tasks. From automating business processes to autonomous robots.

Besides solutions based on industry standard platforms we also deliver fully in-house developed solutions.

Simultaneous Localization & Mapping

Significant improvements to deployment time and flexibility of robots are made possible by having a robot self-discover it's working environment.

The SLAM technology we offer is field tested on multiple robots and actively used in production.


We provide Engineering, Robotics and AI expertise, bringing cutting edge technology to clients.

We help clients maximise their competitive advantage by finding smarter ways to grow revenue, manage cost and leverage business opportunities.


Your entire technical processes, projects or department taken care of.

Our multidisciplinary background and experience with all aspects of business will help bring the best out of your team and processes.

Design For Manufacturing为制造设计Design For ManufacturingDesign For ManufacturingDesign For ManufacturingDesign For Manufacturing

A proper DFM analysis will identify production issues and cost-saving opportunities before you commit capital.

Building Blocks

Where possible we design and use modular hardware and software to allow us to test your business challenge faster and cheaper. Some examples of these modules are:

850W Stepper Motor Controller

Easy to use and fully integrated stepper controller for bipolar motors up to 85V and 10A.

The state-of-the-art performance of the high efficiency ST powerSTEP01 controller and H-bridges combined with the integrated EMI filtering, high grade terminal connectors and configurable voltage monitoring in a compact and practical form-factor. Offering a clear upgrade from both current industrial solutions and powerSTEP01 evaluation boards.

Key Features

  • Power system-in-package
  • Integrated dual full H-bridge with low, 16 mΩ, RDS(on)
  • Operating voltage: 7.5 V - 85 V
  • Phase current up to 10 A RMS
  • Power OK and fault LEDs
  • Up to 1/128 micro-stepping
  • Programmable speed profile
  • Programmable non-dissipative overcurrent protection
  • Sensorless stall detection
  • Adjustable output slew rate
  • Overtemperature protection
  • Suitable for multi-motor solution
  • Integrated voltage regulators
  • SPI interface for stepper control
  • I2C supply programmable voltage monitor
  • Low quiescent standby currents
  • RoHS compliant

Board overview

Stepper controller PCB image


  • Length: 65mm / 2.56"
  • Width: 35mm / 1.38"

Mounting holes

  • Diameter: 3.1mm / 0.12"
  • Diameter tolerance: 0.1mm
  • Horizontal center to center distance: 58.5mm / 2.30"
  • Vertical center to center distance: 28.5mm / 1.12"


  • VIN: Main power supply input (top left)
  • SW: Optional end-stop switch connector (top 3-pin)
  • MCU: Control interface, SPI and optionally I2C
  • STEPPER: Stepper motor screw terminal

Our flagship industries

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